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Why isn't the No Curb Alerts policy included in the member guidelines?

From the moderator manual: "Please do not allow curb-alert posts."

Curb Alert ADMIN:

Please DO NOT post "come and get it" or "spotted" items to XXX Freecycle. We understand that you hate to see an item on the curb that may end up in the trash. Consider taking a Freecycle flyer to the owner of the item and letting them list it. We also understand that if it's yours, you want the items gone ASAP - we really do. If you are that desperate to have them gone, please gift to your closest local charity.

But if you can spare the few extra minutes that you are expecting others to spare by driving over, please list your items and gift them to ONE person at a time so that the person driving to your house knows that they are not making a trip for nothing.

The basic mission of Freecycle is to keep items out of landfills. A corollary of that is *environmentalism* which is best served by not having folks driving around wasting fossil fuels unnecessarily for items that will be gone when they get there anyway.

Answer: Even though mods are encouraged to not allow curb alert posts for the reasons given in the admin, there may be some groups where it makes sense to allow these posts. By discouraging the posts but not forbidding them outright, mods are empowered to make whatever local decisions make sense for their specific situations.