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  1. Can You Recycle a House? How to Reduce Waste During Demolition and Remodeling Projects.
  2. Call 2 Recycle (U.S. and Canada) This organization is the only nonprofit group committed to comprehensive, nationwide program to collect and recycle rechargeable batteries and cell phones. Local drop-off sites noted on their site. A portion of proceeds goes to select charities.
  3. The Freecycle Network (worldwide)
  4. Earth 911 (North America) Locator for local recycling options
  5. American Chemistry Facts/Myths about recycling plastic
  6. California Product Stewardship Council This site is chucky blocky full of good ideas about corporate product stewardship as well as great recycling and reuse ideas. It's all about the production cycle and eliminating waste.
  7. Composting Info Online composting tutorial
  8. The eco-friendly guide to recycling electronic waste (UK) An e-book with helpful information about the e-waste problem.
  9. New American Dream The Center for a New American Dream helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.
  10. Paper Recycles
  11. Recycling guide (UK)
  12. Recycle Glass (North America)
  13. Reverend Billy Street performer Reverend Billy preaches his message of reducing consumption in his Church of Stop Shopping.
  14. The Story of Stuff The Story of Stuff is an interesting discussion of the materials economy with Annie Leonard.
  15. University of Oregon A rather thorough list of recycling links
  16. Greening your Office Space Mrs. Martin's school class and especially one of her students, Anne, recommends you read this article about the benefits of a green office space

Specifically for our recycling youngsters (and big kids too!)

  1. Recycling facts Fun facts to know and share about recycling (established for teachers and students)
  2. The Imagination Factory Recycle by making artwork
  3. Recycle City Online games and activities to show kids what can happen if we do not take care of our earth
  4. Worm Composting How to eliminate food waste by feeding worms instead of tossing in the trash
  5. A kids' guide to sustainability & recycling
  6. A family guide to going green
  7. Twenty kids' videos about sustainability