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Moderator ID and Email Address

Be aware that you are a "public" figure with your local group. Please choose your email address and username with that in mind. You do not have to include moderator, or any other connotation that you are a moderator, but please keep the following in mind:

  1. You cannot use a signature/tagline which contains any advertising or promotes any business or organization you are involved with.
  2. Be sure your information is family-friendly and not related to any business or organization, like, These are personal and may be how you identify yourself to friends and family, but you must be aware that not everyone feels that way, or supports that team, and may be offended.
  3. We request you use only a maximum of two email addresses for the local group per moderator. One must be a personal email and used on leadership groups and the other may be one with the group name or shared with other mods to maintain contact with members.
  4. We ask you please not include any site links in your address, or photos and names of your children, or any other personal information. Not only does it appear unprofessional, but you may begin having problems like harassment, spam, etc. We don't hide our identities, but we don't broadcast them either.