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Information for members of all Freecycle teams


The Support Team is a collection of teams that deal with issues related to member assistance, community outreach and moderator technical assistance. Caroline heads the Information Team and reports to the Hub.

Tech issue reporting process (flowchart)

Spam Control Team

The objective of the Spam Control team is keeping the members of the Freecycle Network free from being scammed for money and generally keeping the site safe for the members.

If a member or moderator spots a scam or spam type post they can email and we will investigate the members' concerns, reporting back to them and taking any necessary actions.

Patsy heads up the Spam Control Team and report to the Information Coordinator.

Click here for the Spam Control manual. Only Spam Control team members are authorized to access the Spam Control manual.

Support Team

The Support Team is a dedicated team of volunteers who respond to general inquiries and assist members with all aspects of their accounts and using the Freecycle website, including:

  • Signing up
  • Logging in
  • Joining or leaving a group
  • Posting and responding
  • Unsubscribing from emails or deleting their Freecycle account

Freecycle members and members of the general public initially contact our help email address. Messages go to the Help Scout system, which sends an autoresponse email letting them know we will respond shortly. We respond to each message individually, using basic templates, customized as needed to the specific question asked.

Social media team

This is the team headed up by Brett who oversees the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ accounts that we have. Brett heads up our busy Facebook group and responds to messages on there. Messages can be left on our Google+ accounts and Twitter as well.

FAQ team

The Member Support team now handles FAQ questions.

Help team

Here is how to contact the help team.

Graphics team

Graphics - for everyone who is looking for a specific graphic for their group. This team is Overseen by Deron but they can be contacted directly at

Newswire team

NewsWire - Fiona looks out for and publishes recycling and Freecycle news items for all to share.


As part of the Support Team, SiteModHelp assists moderators with technical problems using the site.


Penny looks after the volunteers mailbox, which is linked to our volunteers' wiki page: All volunteer offers go to