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Layout & content suggestions for consistency:

  • Each page needs a link back to the the main page
  • Use internal links (which in Wikitext mode look like [[Whatever]]) where possible - don't use external links to this wiki (which in Wikitext mode look like [http://...whatever/]).
  • Try to be consistent on formatting. Use italics for terminology and bold for emphasis. It's easy for us to end up with a random mix of capitals, bold, italics, and colors.
  • Put in lots of pictures using screenshots.
  • Everything possible is cross-referenced
  • Links are publicly available - e.g. nothing from modsquads or - any content from a restricted source to be copied (if permissible) into new wiki section and linked to internally
  • Email addresses are created as mailto: links
  • Each page is marked with appropriate category tags (done by adding [[Category:''Category name'']]) to any part of a page. Some category names are:
  • MyF specific content - where content is only relevant for groups wholly within the MyF framework
  • Y!G specific content- where content is only relevant for groups wholly or partially within the Y!G framework

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